Why Lease?


Once you pick the new INFINITI of your dreams, you get to choose how you want to finance it.
Should you buy or lease your new car? Buying isn’t the only way. Leasing is a great option for a lot of our drivers.
Every customer is different, but here at INFINITI of Honolulu, we want you to have all the information you need to decide.
Read about leasing benefits below…

Why Consider Leasing an INFINITI?

  • 40% lower monthly payments on average
  • Worry-free: depreciating value doesn’t affect you.
  • Time for a new car? Upgrade to a shiny newer model every 2-3 years
  • Forget the hassle of selling & return your vehicle to us!
  • Less maintenance: You have the vehicle for less time, avoiding costly repairs of older vehicles
  • Credit score gain! Leasing may help by reducing your debt to income ratio
  • Lower taxes: Only the monthly payments are taxed (instead of on the full cost of the vehicle)

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